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TRAFFOLITE Rigid Laminate, Abet, Traff, Eurosign, Phenolic, Traffolyte.

Traffolite Engraving Laminates used for clean line, easy-to-read, minimum maintenance interior signs with applications ranging from Identification and Warning signs and industrial and commercial complexes, to Directory Slats and valve tags.....
Traffolite is available in a sheet size of 1220 x 1000mm in a thickness of 1.5mm or 3mm .
This material is immune to solvents and is heat resistant, finishes are excellent and the silver is a great substitute for anodised aluminium and the gold for brush finish brass


It is a phenolic resin sandwich type material and comes in most colours.



 ROWMARK  engraving laminates, acrylic laminates 


Rowmark offers the largest selection of high quality engravable and routable  sign material available in the world today. For applications ranging from Architectural signage to personal identification, to plaques, trophies and awards . . . .With a range of reverse-engravable product designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They maintain a sleek, glossy appearance with ability to backlight, paint fill with multiple colours and add three dimensional effect.
Rowmark is available in a sheet size of 1220 x 610mm, in a thickness of 0.75mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm 
Most colours avaiable.

 Anodised Aluminium   


Anodised with a satin silver finish, but all available in black, bronze & gold. Ideal control panels, signage, and labels. Anodised aluminium  is available in a sheet size of 1220 x 625 mm or 1225x2500 mm in a thickness of 1 mm,  1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm or 3 mm. 


 Brass   Engraving brass, Half hard brass, CZ120.   

cz120 half hard brass available in polished or mill finish. Ideal for company name plaques, house signs, valve tags, dog tags.... . Stocked in 610x1220 mm and 600x2000 mm sheets in 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3mm.

Other Materials    

Stainless Steel; Copper; Perspex;

Bronze; Corian; Vineer MDF etc. 

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